Saturday, 13 March 2010

Mother's Day Flower Brooch

Today in the UK its Mother's Day, and this crocheted flower brooch is for my mom.
The flower could also be used to decorate a card or present, added to a ribbon for a pretty neck tie or to a hair tie, try different colour combinations & yarn weights
DK yarn/worsted weight
4.25mm - 4.5mm UK/ (6/G USA) hook

(I used Patons Morocco
DK colour - Papaya and Coral Mix shade 83a its a new cotton/polyester mixed yarn in pretty colours, but any DK/ worsted weight yarn can be used also for mini flowers try a lightweight sock or lace-weight yarn)


(how to make the stitches plus more at NezumiWorld main site)
st – Stitch sts – Stitches
dc (UK)/ sc (USA) – Double Crochet (UK)/ Single Crochet (USA)

tr(UK)/ dc (USA) – Treble Crochet (UK)/ Double Crochet (USA)
ch – Chain

picot -
to make a picot make 3 chain than slip stitch into the 1st chain


Ch 27

Row 1:
2 tr(UK)/ 2 dc(USA) into the 3rd ch from the hook,
2 tr(UK)/ 2 dc(USA) into every ch to the end, 1ch, turn
Row 2:
[1 dc(UK)/ 1sc(USA) into the tr, 2 tr(UK)/ 2 dc(USA) into the next tr] repeat to end, 2 ch, turn

Row 3: [1 tr(UK)/ 1 dc(USA) into the next tr, 1 picot, 1 tr(UK)/ 1 dc(USA) into the next tr] repeat to the end
Roll flower together and sew, add brooch back


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing the directions.

  2. sorry i have not been around to note but I have been watching and this if really a pretty brooch.

  3. Lovely flower! I featured a link to it this morning on my blog:

    Thank you for sharing the pattern!