Saturday, 13 January 2007

Stitch and Creative Crafts show

Yesterday I went to the Stitch and Creative Crafts shows at Sandown Park Exhibition Centre, Esher, Surrey.
I had not been to this show for a few years and was hoping to see some stands selling yarns and just interesting crafts, it did not really matter what they were I like seeing new things.
Sadly very few yarn stands (at least trusty Uppingham yarns was there with its nice unusual coned yarns), lots and lots and lots of paper craft stands (yawn!, OK I confess to buying a half price organiser bag that came in useful for the bead stash). One lone very good bead stand (I bought lots of glass beads here, pity I forgot about the walk to the train station and than the walk home after, glass is heavy) and lots of non craft stands selling clothes, shoes, scarf brooches, hair scrunchies (mmm....disappointing).
Good points - there were several machine knitting stands which was nice to see, wooden hairpin crochet frames, large wooden broomstick crochet kits and a company selling angora yarn which had two very cute angora rabbits, plus Uppingham yarns.
Good and bad - the fudge stand, very nice tasty fudge in many flavours O the calories :( if only there had been more yarn to buy, I would have had no money left over to buy fudge.........
Bad points £7.00 to get in, not enough stands, not enough seating to eat food (always a problem), toilet queue(luckily not that many people were there as I expected on Friday but there was still a queue), not enough variety of craft stands and far too many non craft stands.....
Here hoping next months The London Stitch & Creative Hobby Crafts Show at the Excel, London is better

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