Tuesday, 3 April 2007


I am doing a one day course for the Knitting and Crochet Guilds London group (Crocheted and knitted wire & beads 14th April near Highbury & Islington Station contact Eleanor 02089508014 for details) and decided to get all my samples ready. Arrrrrr can't find them, I think I put them in the recycling bins when I was going through a clearing mood a few months ago.
Instead of getting upset I have been making new samples :) So below is the results of the last two days of playing with beads.
I am playing with wire for the rest of the week.

Crocheted beaded tubular bracelets

Crocheted multi-beaded bracelet. This took 3 hours to string the beads onto the thread and only 25 minutes to crochet and finish. 5 metres of beads were needed.

Knitted bracelet

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