Saturday, 10 November 2007

Knitting and Crochet Guilds London Meeting

Today was the Knitting and Crochet Guilds London Meeting. We had 18 people (including myself) which was an excellent turn out as there was another large knitting event on today.

The room was big with plenty of space and the large windows let in lots of light. Everyone was really nice and friendly. We went thought lots of stitches (sorry if anyone is having stitch overload now).

I was impressed how quickly everyone picked up the stitches. We also experimented with bobbles and double ended hooks. People helped and discussed the techniques with each other, its great to meet and share ideas.

Jeanie Carter wearing her Tunisian crocheted waistcoat with crocheted surface decoration she designed called "Kerry Stones" Jeanie also brought in some excellent samples of Tunisian crochet to show the group. As did Eleanor Slingsby and Marjorie Needham. I love seeing other people crochet (knitting, beading anything crafty I like looking at it)

At the end of the meeting Marjorie Needham demonstrated how to crochet around a recycled deodorant ball and turn them into Christmas decorations (all her own designs) including the double filet waistcoat she is wearing.

It was a excellent day with lots of talented, creative, friendly people and I enjoyed meeting and chatting to everyone.

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  1. Oh what a blast you must of had. I love learning new stitches. And the garments worn by the women are great, I love the tunisian one best and the ornaments are very timely.