Saturday, 15 December 2007

How many projects is to many?

I have been working on lots of different projects lately, not getting enough time to blog as I would like, so I will put up snippet's of my current items - A beaded pink kidsilk night shawl. Ok its the yarn and beads I am using, I don't want anyone to see the finished item before they should..........
A diamond motif bag.
A sparkly shrug type thing (again only one of the yarns used to make it).
And a cabled scarf, hat and bag are just a few projects (more yarn but it is on the needles). They are all in pieces and at different stages. I will post items as they are (hopefully) finished.
Now just need to find time to write the Christmas cards & post them, buy some presents and clean the house. Or just crochet a bit more ..........

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