Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Bobble Yarn

I went to All the Fun of the Fair (yarn shop in central London) recently and bought a couple of balls of this very soft bobble yarn.
I am using it to make a knitted bag (the fabric was to holey looking when crocheted to make a bag) which I will attach a selection of knitted and crocheted flowers.
I have been using large needles and doing a simple stocking stitch. Its an interesting yarn to use you knit and purl between the bobbles.

The fabric looks great on both sides and is so soft.

I will line the bag and post when I finish (hopefully soon)


  1. I made a scarf with a yarn very similar to this one. Can't wait to see how does you bag look like!

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  3. i knitted my sister a scarf in that stuff. it turns out deliciously, but it was all kinds of fun casting on and off

  4. Hi, Ive got this same yarn and I cant cast on!!! can you beleive it?? the yarn gets all tangled. Could you please tell me how you cast on with this bobble yarn? with pictures maybe?? :-)

  5. Hi Joanna
    Just added a new post for cast on with bobble yarn hope this helps :) Nez

  6. I have been looking everywhere for clear instructions on how to cast on, knit and cast off using this type of yarn and I came across your blog!! Have you considered placing a short video in YouTube, to show us the techniques Even a quick one filmed on a cameraphone would be good!!

  7. hi tanya
    here's the post for casting on with bobble yarn
    If I get any more bobble yarn I will video that's an excellent idea