Monday, 1 November 2010


Flower 4 stages
Time seems to be speeding by I was sure it was only a week ago I blogged. The clocks may have gone back and the winter is approaching with the weather getting cooler and wetter, but in our little garden there is a large green plant that's just got bigger! Up until now it has never flowered (its been there for many years getting wider and wider), but last month it started to sprout a large centre stalk, its about 5 feet high and than it started to open out, we are hoping it flowers this week. Does anyone know the name of this plant?
For a larger photo of the plant click this link
I will post more photos when it fully flowers it a very interesting looking plant (eeek! maybe a triffid).
Mini mochi scarf
This is a busy month I am making lots of crochet friendly stitch markers hopefully they will be on folksy and etsy soon.
I have have been using my yarn stash to make scarves, wanted to show of the beautiful colours of mimi mochi  yarn I had by making circles but using a continuous yarn so no sewing together, it took a little working out but this is the progress so far.

Plus I am planning of doing some crochet and knit-a-longs.
Have you ever taken part in crochet-a-longs or knit-a-longs?
What would you like to crochet or knit-a-long to ie. I am thinking of learning a new technique or
follow a pattern/ diagram?
It may take place on my blog here (or I may make a new blog just for this) or the main web
site, still in planning mode.
Thinking of maybe using one simple design idea, than each month using it with a different technique ie. tapestry crochet, filet, beaded filet, knitted filet, fairisle, two colour tunisian, tunisian filet, beaded tunisian etc. maybe make squares to create a cushions, blankets, bags
Any feedback ideas would be appreciated.


  1. I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

  2. Your plant looks to me a variety of yucca,it could be a Dagger plant but those have white flowers.
    The yuccas are members of the agave family, where aloe vera is extracted from.
    I have never taken part on a knit along or crochet along.The thought of keeping to deadlines takes away from my enjoyment.

  3. Hi Maya

    Yes thank you I think it could be a dagger plant, it still opening up.
    I am not sure if I will have deadlines on the crochet/ knit alongs I was thinking of ongoing projects but its still in the planning stages