Monday, 6 December 2010

Intwined Pattern Studio

Last month I purchased Intwined Pattern Studio at just $44.00 . I have bought programs in the past for much more, but have had little problems with them. So have a tick list of items I want with this type of software.
Screen shot cables scarf
1.  Ease of use - This is very easy software to use, pick a stitch and click on chart, it has easy menu's that are clear, it also writes out the written directions or you can type them in to create a chart.
2. Saving formats - I like to have a choice of file formats I don't like having to save than convert to a format I prefer- This program offers a variety of different file formats to save in including BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and SVG so lots of choice even creating a pdf although this is something I prefer to do myself (its the control freak in me) its a nice feature. Plus you can save the different parts of your pattern the chart , the key all separately.
Custom crochet stitches added
3. Been able to adapt/ change stitches & colours - I said earlier I had purchased programs in the past and the main problems (other than them not working correctly) have mainly for me been there is always a stitch missing (usually a cable) or you have to use a set limited palette of colours. This programs offers the choice of adding custom stitches (this was the selling point for me buying this program), I am still experimenting with this and have added .gif files so far as I am having problems creating .svg files (some work some don't) which will make a nicer looking stitch (I will keep experimenting). You can also create custom colours to use on your charts, again a nice feature.
I think this is a good program which is very affordable I am having fun creating my charts with it.

Look out for my knitted & crocheted poinsettia flowers and crocheted shell scarf patterns (with charts) coming soon. : )

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  1. Very impressive ! I was wondering if you could share the custom crochet stitch images that you have created. I also own intwined and could really use the stitches. I have tried but have not been able to create custom stitches myself.