Saturday, 9 April 2011

Fabric samples and food

March was a very busy month and April is speeding by just as fast. I went to went to the Stitch & Craft Show in Olympia 2 I was very good and don't buy much (only 5 balls of yarn must be a record for me and a new crimping tool for my stitch marker making), well the reason I was good (sort of) was I bought a Boye interchangeable thread hook set with a hand carved Maple burl handle by the brilliant Jimbo the day before I went to the show I will photograph and post the set when it arrives.

I had also ordered more samples of the fabric prints I have been working on, they arrived this week and I was happy with most of them (some I need to adjust the colours) sorry I know a few people emailed about the 'here come the bees' and ladybird ladybird' prints I the 'butterfly dance' is OK) they were the ones I need to adjust. The ones I was happy with are now available on spoonflower. I am ordering larger pieces to make some cushions and bags to hold yarn (trying to be tidy) The owls will be sewn together to make lavender bags for the wardrobe (and put them in with the yarn) I will post the results and how they were made when I have got the larger pieces of fabric.
I have also had the cooking bug and made a few tasties for the family and even managed to add the recipes to the other blog.

I did manage to fit in some, knitting and crochet time  playing with tape yarn (again a future post when I have played more). I added a new filet chart to the main site- decorated Easter eggs and have been very busy planning things for the coming months including more new filet charts, a line of stitch markers for crocheters and knitters plus getting things ready for some Crochet/ Knit-A-Longs even some Design-A-Longs but I post more about that when things are in place.


  1. The designs are very colorful and attractive.The food is also looking yummy....

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  2. I want to come and eat with you.

  3. I am not able to get any pattern from your site, even though it is stated as free. If I wish to do any of the filet graphs, I would have to sit, and stare at the computer, and try to do a pattern. it is really very hard on the eyes.

  4. Hi patter

    You have to adust your browser settings and it will depend on which browser you are using. You could try this, set the browser you are using to print images & background, Internet explorer works well for this, firefox may print the background in full colour so be careful it will use lots of ink (I only use internet explorer when printing not for surfing).
    If you only want the graph only, using firefox (this sometimes works in the other browsers) right click on the graph and select background image, it will appear on its own with a white background (no ink wasteage) you can then print it.
    Hope that works for you, let me know what works for you.

    Nez :)