Sunday, 9 September 2012

Busy busy busy summer update

I am trying to get as much done as I can before going back to teaching later this month, then paperwork will take over my life, or that's how it usually feels to me. The knitting, crochet & crafts course is running again also machine knitting, beaded jewellery making and photoshop. The last few weeks have flown by so fast but have been very busy and fun. I have been updating the NezumiWorld site new filet designs and how to's (hoping to add more also video's soon) getting away from the computer and into the "real" world I went to a few trade shows, including the jewellery show i'll post about that next week, visiting friends not just talking on the phone and making a few things for myself. 
I have entered a few of spoonflowers weekly contests zig zag cheater quilt (I did a Celtic woven zigzag design and ordered some of the fabric for myself to make up into a quilt, I'll post that as I make it) and the current contest typewriters (no colour just black and white only was allowed)  that brought back memories of trying to type when I was a child, the letters hitting each other, plus no spell checker!
I have had so many emails requesting PDF files of my filet charts, even though they are free people have requested and offered to pay. Well I have listened and have started to make more of my filet designs into PDF files. There are some already some of the most popular ones free on ravelry these new ones include new patterns as well as related old ones and have a small cost but I have tried to keep it affordable.The new charts added to ravelry so far use American terminology I am working on the UK terminology and hope to add them very soon. 
The files added so far are The Garden Collection this has the very popular 3 free patterns butterfly dance, ladybird ladybird and here come the bees from the NezumiWorld website but also includes a new matching chart dragonfly dance. The Garden Collection matches the fabric prints of the same name on spoonflower.
Apple chart and Peach chart both have small free patterns from NezumiWorld but also a larger matching chart.
And the first of a group of charts I have not released before "Irish family crest charts" this is the first one
Ryan Family Crest Chart it's a large chart with the classic 3 griffin heads.
More charts will added in the coming weeks including more filet charts, both crochet and knitted patterns. I'll post here as I add them not forgetting a free pattern next week to celebrate International crochet day.
Don't forget to check out the NezumiWorld food blog also as more recipes have been added there also :)

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