Sunday, 27 January 2013

It's winter so its pattern writing time :)

Why the cold weather comes as a surprise every year I don't know but its here and with a good coating of snow. I do like the snow it makes everything look bright and clean, but its when it turns to slush I'm not a fan.
An advantage of the cold is staying in keeping warm and completing the patterns I have had on the go for several years. Patterns I keep saying to myself I just have to add the photos or a few lines of text and its ready and which I somehow seem to put aside for another day and start on something new and never finish.Well this year I am determined to finish as many patterns as I can. So here's the completed Celtic Knotwork Hearts Chart Collection It contains eight charts (some can be purchased separately). They are available on as an E-Booklet and its is at a special price for a limited time.

 I like traditional white and off white filet crochet pieces, but sometimes its also nice to use a colour so here's one of the charts from the Celtic Knotwork Hearts Chart Collection made up using a dark pink cotton :)
The other filet crochet piece is from the first of a new set of booklets I have been planning so several years (hopefully writing what I am planning here will make me complete them quicker) the first ones called Ogham Love Charts. I will post more about it adn Ogham soon.


  1. just had to drop in to view the picture and find out what it was. never thought of the snow love the bookmarks too.