Thursday, 12 September 2013

Meini Gwyr

Some more photos from my trip to Wales.
We went to see Meine Gwyr (Meini means large stone and Gwyr means crooked) unique in Welsh prehistoric architecture, being the only known raised henge-circle. I took a photo of the noticeboard on the way into the field, as it has a nice sketch of what the henge would have looked like


The site must have looked stunning when all the stones were standing but sadly now only 2 remain. You can still see the stumps of where the other stones stood.
This is the area the famous blue stones used in Stonehenge came from although the stones used for this henge are a form of volcanic rock. 


It was a beautiful sunny even with only 2 stones in the field the place look special

The two remaining stones

Stump of long gone standing stone

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