Monday, 7 October 2013


Limequats were in the reduced price section in the local supermarket at the weekend. They are a citrus fruit, a hybridised cross between a key lime and a kumquat (I looked them up online). Small like a kumquat with a thin edible skin (it tasted sweet similar to a kumquat) I don't really like the skin on kumquats but its good zested so I think the limequats also be good where zest is required. The flesh inside tasted of lime (a lime taste that was very bitter but also with a sweet after taste).

I decided to use the limequats in a couple of recipes instead of normal limes, so I made a banana and limequat jam (I had over ripe bananas I needed to use up) and limequat curd.
I have been baking with yeast lately so adding some homemade spreads to the breads was great.
Banana and Limequat Jam on toast yummy

Here's some pics of my latest bakes and experiments. the banana and limequat jam is on my cake/ bake blog, the curd recipe will be posted next week.
English Muffins


Diner Rolls


  1. You have been busy,I'd never heard of limequats before so thanks for the info.

  2. I have two limequat trees that produce continually year-round. They are best when fully ripe - a rich yellow color. I use them in place of either lemons or limes. They are wonderful!


  3. I would love a limequat tree (sadly no space) you are very lucky, next time I will leave them to see if they turn yellow :)