Monday, 31 March 2014

Hexagon Crazy

So this time last week I was teaching the hexagon taster class (it's the start of the Easter break today so no teaching work for about 4 weeks!) and my mind is still in hexagon mode. I bought a couple of packs of reduced price cotton recently (very cheap 3 balls of £2.50) and decided to play with them and make different types/ patterns of crocheted hexagons the only restriction been they must be the same size as my fabric hexagon patchwork pieces.Maybe I will mix and match them?
Maybe I will create a new fabric design print using the crocheted hexagons?
Or maybe I will do both ideas?
I have decided to blog my progress regularly to keep me focused on this project, I have far to many on going projects, several 95% finished so this year I plan to complete as many of them as I can. And yes I know I will still start new stuff but that's how my brain works! :)
Ok now I need to make another dozen crocheted hexagon experiments

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