Thursday, 2 April 2015

Glass Beads

Recently I went to the Spring Knitting and Show at Olympia, it was costly to get in (£16.00 at the door) and I think this put me off buying yarn (shock! horror! I only bought a few skeins of pure silk that were a super bargain @ £1.00 each) plus my credit card malfunctioned and the pin don't work (mmmmm...... the universe also sending me a message no more yarn buying you need to use what you have!..) So my budget was much smaller, but that was good.
I did find a very good bargain at beadtime's stand, they had nice glass beads and metal charm packs. I wish I had bought more at this stand, I only got one pink and one green glass bead pack and a couple of metal charm packs. It was only when I returned home and opened the packs I discovered how nice the glass beads were. I decided to make a necklace with the pink and some of the green glass beads. I used a pink copper 0.8mm wire I already had (bought from jewellerymaker ages ago on a large reel, it took several metres of wire to make but there's loads still left) and decided to use my one step big wire looping pliers (made by beadsmith) instead for a change. I don't know why I don't use these more, it makes looping so easy. I added a little photo how to above on using them :) I think the pink wire compliments the glass beads and am happy with the results.