Thursday, 28 January 2016


In my post yesterday I posted about my new subscription to mylittlebox. The other subscription box I ordered this month arrived yesterday. I am also very happy with this one. It's my first birchbox and lucky for me this month they teamed up with Pinterest one of my favourite websites (I spend for too much time pinning things with plans to make, buy or grow that item at a later date), so the box was decorated nicely with little photos and quotes, again this box will be reused to store something. 
The reason I ordered this brand was they have a nice looking boxes, which usually contains a small bag that the beauty samples are sent in. Normally appprox. 5+ samples (may include full sized items also) are sent to try out, so it  seems to give good value for money. The box is £10 plus £2.95 p&p. I got 50 extra points (worth £5.00) when I ordered because I went to another subscribers link, she will also get extra points. The points can be used to buy full sized items from the birchbox website and you can gain more points by reviewing the samples they send (the items in the box), doing the monthly reviews you can gain up to £5.00 in points per month. I will add my friends link here so if anyone wants to subscribe they can also get some extra points to start with (so will I).
Opening the box is like opening a present, very exciting as I did not know what it contained, firstly there were Pinterest inspirational postcards (very cute), a booklet with information on the beauty items in the box, a nice touch and useful. The items are different in each persons box, you fill out a profile and they select items from the range available that month that you get the items more suited to you, which is interesting. There are sample sizes and full sized items. The beauty items are in a small draw string bag, again this is excellent for small craft projects mine now has some knitting inside it. I will start with the bonus item for this month a mirror with #NO filter written on the back, (this is listed as £4.00 to buy, I will include the rrp as they list it in the booklet, I will also include the sample sizes) its a nice sized handbag mirror, I may make a little pouch for it so it does not get scratched in my bag. The full sized item was a Complexion Awakener pencil from Jelly Pong Pong (RRP £14.95) in the shade nude, this is a really soft pencil to be used in the corner of the eyes and along the inner rim (that's what I will use it for) it said in the information booklet the pencil can also be blended onto the cheeks or brow bones. 
Samples sized items were - Benefit's mink-brown "they're Real" tinted primer, I tried this when I got it I am lucky to have long lashes and putting this tinted primer on I now have really long lashes! So far no problems I would wear it without mascara as the tinted colour looks good very natural looking. It's a good sized sample 3gms (the RRP of the full size is £18.50 for 8.5gms) 
Caudalie's shower gel 30ml this is for sensitive skin, it may go in the holiday bag (or holiday wish bag I should call it) (RRP £9.00 for 200ml)
Absolution's L'Eau Soir et Matin cleaning water 30ml , this is certified organic and was something I was hoping to try it. Its a unisex product, it has natural ingredients including hazelnut oil which it said on their site will "soften and purify the skin and potassium to regulate your cells’ metabolism" here's hoping! I will try it tonight (RRP £27 for 150ml) 
And finally Parlor shampoo 30ml and a matching conditioner 12ml (have very long hair so maybe this sized conditioner will just do the ends) ( Both shampoo and conditioner are RRP £16.00 for 236ml each )
I think this months goodies were well worth the box price, again can't wait for next month. I read there is a real diamond necklace put into one box randomly next month as it's Valentine's Day. It's also my birthday next month so here's hoping :)
Note: If you want £5.00 worth of points with your first box email me (or use the contact form on the right) for a link, I currently also have a code for 50% off the first box which can be used with the link - just put the code in the promo code box before ordering.  So that's half price for the 1st box and £5.00 in points, don't forgot to review the products when you get them and that's up to another £5.00 worth of points to spend in their shop.


  1. Oh, these subscription boxes look really nice! Pity this one is only for UK. It looks more interesting and personalised than those I have seen in my country.
    Looking forward to seeing the next ones. Good luck with the necklace! :)

    1. Hi Sara, I think birchbox started in the USA but they seem to do different offers and products in the boxes depending on what country they are sent to :)

  2. Looks great. I've clicked on the link it doesn't work or am I being silly

    1. Sorry its not you the link timed out, its changed to
      Plus put HAPPYDAYS in the promo code when ordering and get your first box for half price (plus the £5 of points for clicking through my link and gain another £5 for reviewing the products sent)

  3. Oh I love this, really cool.. Need to check the link, Valentines is fast approaching <3

    I am Zonia of Impression EMEDIA