Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentines Day

This morning I hung out my Ogham Grà Love panel in the garden on one of the giant yucca plants (I did not harm the plant), as it's Valentines Day! I decided to join the celebrations in my own way! it was sunny but very cold out there ( Grà means love in Irish Gaelic, Ogham is a old Celtic script the pattern from my e-book Ogham Love Charts)

I hope everyone is having a good Valentines Day even the single people like me. I found a super bargain in the supermarket last week a reduced price (in the bargain section, I love finding bargains) for £1.99, a super cute large jammy dodger tin (a UK biscuit I ate as a child very tasty but sweet) I love tins, great for buttons, sewing needles and all the little things you want to keep tidy and neatly hidden away. This tin even had little packs of tiny jammy dodgers inside eekk!! As they have strawberry jam in them do you think I could count them as one of my 5 a day fruits & veg?
Just a reminder if you want the free "Valentines Heart 2016" pdf via Ravelry or Loveknitting please download it in the next 4 days as from Friday it's $1.50. I am doing another limited time free pattern soon for St Patricks Day, so to keep informed follow this blog, the facebook page or join the ravelry group.
Plus a note to fellow bloggers (blogger and blogspot) recently you may have seen your followers disappear this is because google are only allowing gmail or google+ account holders to follow  blogger/ blogspot blogs, they have removed those followers from twitter, openID and a few other sites :(