Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Excaped Butterflies

I made these butterflies in the summer. I love butterflies and the summer seems to really start when you see them fluttering about. There’s something magical looking about them. I wrote the pattern out, tested it then deleted it from the computer by accident. Lost one butterfly in the garden (tiny garden no idea where it went)taking some photos and the photos looked bad too. Another disappeared when I was showing them to a friend at a coffee shop. The bag with lots of different colour samples I have put away so safely I can on longer find it (a bit to safe). One of the last butterflies (not in the bag) I lost last month at the Alexandra Palace Knitting and Stitch Show, it dropped out of my bag when I was buying some yarn (like I needed more yarn…). Now I have to remake them all again. Luckily I had photographed making each part of them for the pattern. I hope this batch do not escape.