Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Pulse 2008

Today I went to Pulse by Topdrawer at Earls Court1 London. Its the mid season trade show highlighting new trends, ideas, products and companies mainly in the gift and accessories market. It was a large show with over 700 suppliers (yes I remembered the flat shoes, my feet are happy) of which 300 where new suppliers to the show. This year an interesting new section called Launchpad was added showing the new young designer-makers, all of a very high standard with row after row of brand new items.

The show always has a lot of jewellery and bags and this year was no different, but I did notice lots more scarves. Crocheted, knitted, felted, beaded, devore, pleated and lots of shibori (Japanese tie-dyeing) scarves, lots of textures. It really stood out how many suppliers had added scarves to there ranges, it will be interesting to see if the retail shops pick this trend up in their Autumn ranges. Texture was everywhere on fabrics, bags even on wrapping paper. Most scarves were multicoloured, with the colours blending into each other, purples, black, blues what I would describe as jewel tones. Lots of hand work.

An enjoyment refreshing show.

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