Saturday, 14 June 2008

WWKIPD or World Wide Knitting in Public Day

Today as WWKIPD or World Wide Knitting in Public Day I enjoyed the The London Knit Crawl organised by Stitch and Bitch London last year so joined them again this year with the London Crochet meet-up group.

We started at Westminster Abbey which had Morris dancers a traditional English folk dance troop. They dance with sticks and handkerchiefs, it is the first time I also saw Morris women dancing too. I watched for a while and joined in with knitting and crochet (yes I brought both) on the grass. It was also the queen's official birthday (she has a real one in April and an official one on another day this year June, I am not sure why) so the Abbey bells were ringing as we knit.

From Westminster Abbey we walked to beautiful St James Park, it has wonderful flowers and ponds. There was a fly over again for the queen's birthday as we arrived. The weather was great (no rain) and the knitters/ crocheters numbers increased greatly. So many interesting things been made, lots of people had knit there own cushions to sit on, yes this year I brought a cushion with me I learned from last year.

Next stop was Trafalgar Square and the whole of it was taken over by the Thai Festival wonderful food, dancer, painting yes and more knitting :) and the knitters numbers had increased

I left after this to catch up with my lovey aunt Myra who had come to see us and for the day :)

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