Wednesday, 9 September 2009

International Jewellery London 2009

Monday I attended the International Jewellery London 2009 at Earl Court 2.
Usually at this event its a time to stock up, make contacts and see the trends for the future year.

The first thing I noticed was the show was much smaller than previous years.There was an interesting new designers section which had some very nice shapes and ideas.

There were lots of companies with charms and individual bead style components - Pandura,
Chamilia, Amoree&Baci
and there were many more companies. The metal beads & metal core beads came in Sterling Silver or with gold and silver plate finishes and have evolved and become more detailed with glass, crystals and enamel mixes.
Silvex had some very nice murano glass in silver and resin pieces.
I found some nice displays and boxes I will check out in the future, but I don't buy any new stock which was disappointing.


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