Sunday, 6 September 2009

Ticket for Iknit Weekend

On Friday I took a trip with a good friend to Waterloo to buy my yellow ticket for the I Knit Weekender Event on the 11th & 12th September

Lots of nice yarns were on display in the shop, even a visiting nezumi hiding amongst the skeins

As well as my ticket I was very happy as I managed to get the glow-in-the-dark jelly yarn I have been looking for to make crocheted pods for some solar lights I have. I though when the light goes the pods would glow for a while, I will experiment and see. The yarn might end up as something completely different now I have my paws playing with it.


  1. The glow solar pods are a great idea. What color Glow Jelly Yarn did you buy?

  2. Hi jellyyarn
    I bought the pink peppermint & the green peppermint I also wanted the vanilla (I read it was the best glow in the dark colour) but it was sold out

  3. Yes Vanilla Peppermint Glow does glow the brightest. Pink and Green Peppermint glow nice, too. More Jelly on the way to IKnit London store. The shipment should be there very soon. Hope you had fun at IKnit Weekender!