Monday, 30 May 2011

Project Ocean

I was walking past Selfridges and saw their stunning new window displays for  "Project Ocean"

The windows will be on display until 12th June 2011, Selfridges has partnered with 20+ environmental and conservation groups. 

Celebrating the beauty of the ocean and highlighting the issues of over-fishing, which is scary to think of, no more fish, no longer been able to cook or eat fish (I love fish and have not eaten red meat for about 20 years)

Their large corner window is a dead sea coral installation (most of the photos I have put in this post) made from coral seized from illegal smugglers by customs officers. 
Beautiful but a sad reminder of how much  life we are losing from our oceans.


  1. Love the new facelift of your blog. I walked past selfridges and a shiver ran down my spine, no more fish that would be terrible

  2. I have never seen better than this site.