Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sales and Cupcakes

This has been a very busy month, so a little time to myself and some shopping (mostly window shopping, day-dreaming of what I will buy when I win the lottery) as it sale time again I took a visit to John Lewis and I broke my yarn diet (only a little), I decided in January I needed to use the yarn in my collection that tucked away in boxes and bags (hidden in the wardrobe) and could not buy anymore unless I had a plan and timescale to use it, plus I have no more room for storing. But feeling the nice soft  Mirasol Wachi 85% Pima Cotton & 15% silk which was only £2.95 a skein (and I do have a plan for it) plus Noro silk garden at £3.95 each I decided to make a small purchase. With a quick trip to the food hall and I found my bargain of the day half price cupcakes (well the yarn diet was broke so might as well have a naughty day) I got some cherry & geranium  which tasted a bit to floral for me, but other  family members liked them and lavender & lemon, I liked this one it reminded me of the violet sweets I eat when I was a child yummy.


  1. I dream of cake and yarn


  2. I like your bunny and carrot mug and the cupcakes look so yummy. YOu stay busy with your yarn so I am sure you wont plateau on your yarn diet. Love your plans.

  3. Hi Michelle, Thank you SO MUCH for visiting my blog every once in a while. I'm really fascinated by all you do and specially your hooks. Here in Spain is not so easy to find them. Hooking became a therapy for me about 3 years ago when I had to take care of both of my parents. And hooking has given me inner peace to cope with all this. But besides learning to do nice things and the relax, it has also helped me to improve my relationship with part of the family which has been rather hostile for some time (Now the wives of my cousins ask me to teach them to crochet!). I used to live in Barcelona (by the way I'm Venezuelan) city I love and came here to a really small village close to the sea in Asturias (Northern Spain). My hooking is having some impact here, for people here didn't know much about amigurumis, toys, bags etc. All they knew before about crochet was mainly doilies, shawls, bed covers and edging for towels. And now when they see, flowers, snails, bumblebees, funny hats, sandals etc. They simply love it...
    Once again thanks for your words and for sharing your art here in blog land. This has helped me soooo much...Hugs. Ana

  4. 日本だ出来ますか?あなたのなまえねずみ。

  5. oh my! the cupcake looks very delicious.=D