Sunday, 25 September 2011

Flowerbird Fabric Collection

I finished making the 1st of the little flowerbirds I posted about a few weeks ago, plus now the rest of the matching fabric samples have arrived. The finished bird is a silk & cotton mix fabric, its very soft and has a nice shiny surface. All the other samples are 100% cotton I will make another bird up to see how it feels in the cotton. The main different between the fabrics so far has been the colour the silk mix is slightly paler but the shine of the fabric also brings out a aqua tint in the blue. The cotton print is much crisper and the colour stronger also the cotton has a more matte finish. I am going to have a play with the samples to see what else I can make. :)


  1. Hey!

    Love your stuff!
    I'm currently making a steam punk costume that needed a funky fabric for the bodice! I found your store on spoonflower and fell in love with your cog fabrics. Had a question about one of them and wondered if you'd be willing to contact me about them! My dress is a light metallic silvery color that is almost grey. I wanted a fabric the had some grey in it but I can't tell if your large cog is a combination of whites and browns/golds or if there's some silver in there too. I think the fabric is just called "cogs"

    My email is kristinameister @ yahoo and I'm looking forward to hearing from you