Friday, 25 November 2011

Yummy Tomatoes

Back in March we bought some seed pots, tomatoes and strawberries in April we started growing them and watched as in late May the seedlings grow big enough to be replanted. 
Lots of little tomatoes plants (the strawberries grew but it was a little late for them so hopefully next year for them) were replanted, it took until August for the yellow flowers to appear and a storm then knocked them over but with the help of lots of sticks they were straightened up and keep growing and they are still growing and producing lots of little cherry tomatoes even now at the end of November. The top photo shows our lastest bowl :)


  1. I love home grown tomatoes, flavour is so much superior than shop bought. I am looking foward to growing some next year.

  2. I totally agree with you the flavour of the home grown tomatoes (and other home grown fruit and veg) is so tasty and is well worth the effort, these tomatoes were so fresh and sweet :)

  3. home grown are the best of course but I love tomatoes any way.

  4. That is quite a crop cant believe it came from that small pot.