Friday, 19 December 2014

Angel Gift Tag

 I designed two new gift tags this year to match the Christmas Bauble Gift Tag from a couple of years that proved very popular. There's also some photo's on how to decrease in filet crochet.on that blog post.
I am posting the angel gift tag today and the tree gift tag tomorrow.
Instead of making this as a gift tag you could make a Christmas tree decoration.
The chart can be used not just for crochet but also knitting, cross stitch and beading weaving, beaded crochet/ knitting, tunisian crochet, embroidery.....

I recommend a 1X1 filet crochet and no10 cotton, but you could use any yarn (make sure the hook is correct for that yarn thickness) The size will depend on the thickness of yarn used.

Chain 27
turn, chain 3 (this will count as first treble crochet (UK)/ first double crochet (USA) of first row), 1 treble crochet (UK)/ 1 double crochet (USA) into the 5th chain from the hook,treble crochet (UK)/ double crochet (USA) in next 2 chains to
complete bottom right solid square of pattern.
Continue following pattern for the first row reading the graph right to left. After completing first row, chain 3 to turn to start next row.Continue following graph until all rows are complete.
At end of row 19 fasten off.

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