Thursday, 11 December 2014

More fabrics
These are the other digital printed fabric pieces that arrived recently.
The black and white (with a little highlight of yellow) fabric is called "Midnight Cat Does Damask" this is the small size print there is also a larger scale print. And here's a photo of my
model in the garden. Always ready to model for food. blue fabric with the cameos is called "Cameo Girl Cogs" again this is the small size and there is a larger scale version. I wanted something that was a mix of old and new just like steampunk and it matches my other cog and gear fabrics. This was print on satin.
Sugar Mice and all things NiceThe final fabric also blue, but with sweets/ candys I remember from my childhood called "Sugar Mice and all things Nice" sugar mice, allsorts, smarties, candy canes and lollies swirling around in a sweet 'n' tasty dream. All the things I remember you could buy with your pocket money in the local sweet shop as a child, although I hated liquorice (and still do) it always looked pretty.
The fabric comes in three colours blue (as in the pic), pink and green.
Now I need some time to do lots of sewing :)

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