Saturday, 21 May 2016

My Little Box May 2016

This months box was the "My Dolce Vita Box". A nicely illustrated box with an Italian theme although I think like last months box the theme was very loose. I don't remember seeing lots of women wearing turbans anytime I was in Italy? Maybe I was not looking? which brings me to the first of the liftstyle items a green floral turban style headband (RRP £11), not really me but useful for when putting on/ taking off makeup. The next item was more in line with the theme a little laurel wreath style Ring £12 cute. In the little cotton bag was 3 beauty items a My little Beauty own brand - Illuminating moisturiser for legs £8 may test it but most tanning products turn my ghost white skin orange, not a good look. A nice sized perfume sample by Courrèges - La fille de l'air (sample size 8.5ml, full size rrp. 65 per 50ml) This is a little too floral and strong for me but works well left in my yarn bag (one of many) as it makes the yarn smell nice. Finally Baija - Croisière Céladon Body Oil (sample size 30ml, full size rrp. 16.90 per 50ml) another very large sample lightly scented with Jasmin green tea in sweet almond, sesame and sunflower seed oil. 
Sadly I was not over excited when I opened this box and so cancelled my subscription, I will keep looking at up and coming boxes and if they improve will re-subscribe as I still like the idea of the mixture of lifestyle and beauty items. I have joined a different type of box service also, I will write about in a few days.
My Little Box is a French company, sends to different countries but the contents can vary. £11+ P&P


  1. An Italian theme sounds lovely, but then it would be nice if the items were somehow connected to Italy. :)
    The body oil would perhaps be my favourite product of these.
    Have a lovely day! xx

    1. Hi Sara
      The oil had a very mild scent and I will use it and it all comes in a beautiful box with so much promise, it's just disappointing when the inside does not reflect the theme :)