Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Half a Dozen Roses

Spoonflower had a buy one "fat quarter sized fabric" (approx 21" X 18") get one free offer recently, so I got some fabrics for a few projects I have been planning, also to test out colours are correct they are now printing European orders through their new German based company. USA and Canadian orders will be sent through their USA based printing company. This was printed on 100% cotton fabric
This is is my "1/2 a Dozen Roses" design. The six roses fit on one fat quarter of fabric I will post some of the other finished projects as I complete them :) and I yes am very happy with the colours and print quality

The roses can be used as brooches (just sew or glue on a brooch back) or to decorate clothing, bags, hats, cushions, on curtain tie backs anywhere you want to add a splash of colour and shape. I have more 1/2 roses fat quarters and the works with different fabric prints (had lots of requests for  steampunk prints with cogs and gears as roses) 

This design is also available at Woven Monkey a UK based printing company.


  1. What an interesting idea, Michelle, and what a wonderful design! Oh, I love the colours!
    Wishing you happy and bright autumn days! Hugs!

  2. Thank You Sara
    Wishing you a colourful happy autumn 🍁🍂🍁

  3. Wow, such bright colors, Michelle! I love yellow one.

  4. Thank You Nadezda, I was not sure of the yellow design until I made it, now I think that's my favourite :)

  5. Thank you for your comment today!
    I certainly would love to see lynxes in the wild, but they are very "hard to spot, as their excellent senses of sight, smell and hearing enable them to keep well away from humans".
    I also would love them to be dangerous... to the hares that are far too many around our home and keep damaging my plants. :)
    Have a great weekend! xx