Sunday, 2 September 2007


EEEEEkkkkkk I finished making all the pieces for the Amineko (neko means cat in Japanese) the arms, legs and tail are pinned in place and just need sewing. I usually design & make my own patterns but, I bought the book a couple of years ago (its excellent) and the cat was soo cute. I have been planning on making him ever since. I was looking at sites online last week and found the pattern in English (the book is in Japanese, but is very easy to follow). I thought I must make him now and was going to a crochet meet-up last Thursday so started him then. The pattern in English is available at copyrighted and designed by Nekoyama
I gave him a crochet hook, I think it suits him. He looks sort of sad but also sort of peaceful.


  1. I came knowing your blog. I very much of your work and your beautiful pictures very well made. I love it your Amineko, has face of laziness, or perhaps is concentrated. Sad ever, he was born. Congratulations.