Saturday, 22 September 2007

Can ring pulls/ Soda can tabs

I have been collecting (and lots of friends, thank you keep collecting I still need more) fizzy drink can pulls (soda can tabs) since last year. Just about the same time most people I know decided to go on a health kick and not drink anymore fizzy drinks and I must confess to not drinking that many fizzy drinks myself :o

I used to make stuff with the can pulls/ tabs in the 80's when I was a fashion student, bags and jewellery mainly. I found some of my designs and notes last year from that era and as I have been in a recycle mode (with the carrier bags) decided to redesign and have a play remaking things. I have made a belt, bracelets, a few bags some coasters most are WIP's

This is one of the bracelets made with crocheted ribbon and the ring pulls/can tabs, I'll post more as I progress and hope to add a new section on the website in the next few months.

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  1. That is really pretty and I love the yarn you chose also. Very attractive.