Tuesday, 4 September 2007

International Jewellery London 2007

Yesterday I was at a trade only jewellery show - International Jewellery London 2007 This is the part of working I like, remembered to wear my softer shoes too this year, but my feet are still hurting today. It has exhibitors from all over the globe, this year there was a whole section of Jewellery makers and suppliers from Hong Kong. The show had large companies to small independent sellers. All the latest trends and developments can be seen here. From cheap and cheerful to super priced diamond pieces (I just looked at them eyes wide) The show has the jewellery that will be selling in shops in the coming months. The popular, must have items that were been offered by a number of different suppliers were enamelled silver charms, to buy fully made or in component pieces to create individual bracelets and necklaces. The charm bracelet is evolving. There were lots and lots of large murano glass pieces, I noticed many had beaded bails and were on small glass beaded necklaces. Leather, organza ribbon, satin with silver clasps to hang pendants on instead of just a chain. The murano glass was also mixed with silver beads again complimenting the charm bracelet look. Smaller crystals were made into flower and butterfly shaped brooches and pendents. Lots of sterling silver covered with gold plate, last year silver metals were dominant, this year sees gold tones making a comeback (but I think silver will remain popular for some time yet). Jewellers/ makers are experimenting introducing new materials into jewellery. Several sellers had Vegetable ivory pieces, made from a nut sliced and dyed. Worse thing I saw was colourful very cute furry flower brooches when I asked what they were made of --------to my horror ........they said....... chinchilla (aka. large furry nezumi's)

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