Saturday, 22 March 2008

Hyperbolic Crochet Sphere

Progress so far, this is the sphere I started at the workshop day. I am starting on some mini ones next.


  1. What is you increase ratio on this. I've tried 2:1 but it's taking forever to get sperical it's still just kinda flippy-floppy.

    Love the Site and blog. It was nice to see you on Rav today.

  2. For the first 3 rounds I started with double crochets increasing one in every second stitch
    I used a chunky tape yarn combined with some plarn (cut up Sainsburys bags, the colour matched the yarn I was using)
    on round 4 I ran out of plastic bags to chop up so I continued just with the chunky yarn but changed my stitch to 1 half treble & 1 ch in each st
    round 5 I changed again to 1 treble and 1 chain in every stitch and space and just keep going until I was happy.
    Depending on the type of yarn you use it can take several rows and a lot of yarn before it takes shape, keep going it will work :)