Sunday, 16 March 2008

Hyperbolic crochet

On Saturday I attended the Hyperbolic crochet workshop (at the Royal Festival Hall) run by Margaret Wertheim (a science writer) at the Institute of Figuring.
I have always loved maths (hyperbolic space is geometry) and combining that with crochet sounded like heaven to me and I was not disappointed. After a very interesting talk/ slide show on what was hyperbolic space and how it occurs in nature, corals, sea slugs and many other underwater critters. We were shown crocheted reef forms. (the photos below)

We than got time to play and start our own crocheted reef bit, I'll post mine in a few days when I have had time to play with it.
The aim of the workshop was for us to spread the word and make/ donate our crocheted coral forms for an exhibition at the Hayward Gallery for a Hyperbolic London Crochet Reef (eeekk that's a long title) later in the summer. It will be very interesting to see how it looks.
There is a lot of information at the institute of figuring site, with lots of beautiful pieces of crochet and a proper explanation of hyperbolic space.

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