Friday, 29 April 2016

My Little Flower Box

My little boxes theme this month is "My Little Flower Box" and it's not the normal box this month, its a book shaped box with ribbon ties, nice idea but I prefer the box as I can use it for storage this book/ box is thin and the ribbon does not hold it closed.....
There was the little magazine inside which is good. A Pop-up garden (£7.00) cute little box and good idea but the seeds are cress! if they were flower seeds I would have been happier, the theme was flower box?
A Travel pouch for lingerie from Balzac Paris (£13.00) This is a very pretty printed cotton double pouch, but if I was going away for the weekend I would need more then 1 knickers and 1 bra, that's if I could even fit my bra into the tiny pouch, again nice idea but........
The beauty items were a Nailsinc base coat (£11.00) OK I will use it but its not very flower related, a nice rose or lavender coloured nail varnish would have been better I think and a L'Occitane travel sized shower gel Cherry Blossom scent, I really like L'Occtaine their shea butter range of soaps is excellent, I will use this shower gel and its flower related but yes another problem it leaked not too much but a travel sized product that leaks is not good for travelling! I did contact them and they said email back if I wanted a replacement and they would send it out... which as its a little bottle and only a tiny leak I have not replied. The final item and the star of the box was My little boxes own brand face mask from "My Little Beauty" Rosy Mornings detoxifying mask (£11.00) this is a very good mask. Its vitamin C rich, 96% natural ingredients with active fruit extracts. It's a good mask it made my skin feel really clean, soft very smooth, sometimes I get tiny little bumps under the skin, you can't see them but you can feel them and it magicked them away. I think if not for this product I would have cancelled my subscription as overall the theme of the box was a good idea but most of the contains were a little disappointing. I will give it one more box and decide.

I will review the SO Susan subscription tomorrow


  1. I too love L'Occitane products, but in general it sounds that this time the box was not very attentively put together. Let's hope the next one will be better! :)