Friday, 15 April 2016

Spring Update

I have been working on some new filet coasters, three flower designs, one to be added each month here on this blog and they are free!

A quick site update to reflect all the wonderful flowers now its Spring. A new banner, it has my floral edge fabric design, for a little bit of Spring inspiration.

I will also be posting reviews of the subscription boxes, but I want to use some of the products first so will be posting them very soon. 


  1. Hello, Michelle!
    Your patterns are beautiful, as always, and so is your new spring banner.
    Enjoy your weekend! xx

  2. Hi, Michelle.
    I liked your design, especially the first flower. Maybe I could crochet it in summer days, sitting in gazebo.

  3. Love your spring banner. Can't wait to start your design.
    Have a lovely day