Saturday, 2 April 2016

Web and Mobile Diploma's Completed

So happy today, it's been a busy week! On Monday I did the final assessment of the Diploma in Web Development (I did the course last year November) and today I finish the final assessment for the Mobile App development Diploma. I got a distinction for both so very happy. I still have some assessments to finish for courses I did last year but slowly I am getting through them. I am hoping to do an advanced diploma in web development soon so want all the other courses finished and completed (well hoping they are anyway).


  1. Congratulations, dear Michelle! Well done! Those courses sound very interesting and important. I think they would useful for everyone.
    Have a beautiful Sunday and a happy spring! :)

  2. Thank You Sara, I am really enjoying the courses and learning. A Happy Spring go you to :)

  3. Michelle, cordial congratulation to you! I hope you will do an advanced diploma very well too!

  4. Thank You Nadezda, I am really looking forward to doing the advanced diploma :)