Saturday 25 November 2006

Stash Yarns Visit

I went with a friend to a really great yarn shop yesterday. It stocked lots of beautiful yarns (Malabrigo, Brown Sheep, Crystal Palace, Rooster, Fleece Artist, Silkwood , Noro and much more) The shop is spacious and laid out neatly so the large range of yarns don’t overwhelm you. There are seats to sit on to knit if your addiction needs a quick fix (seeing all that nice yarn, click, click). The people who run the shop are very helpful and friendly which creates a really nice atmosphere to shop in. And OK yes I did buy yet more yarn but I did need to for the new curlicue cushions I am designing (that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it anyway!)
I bought 4 X balls of Lambs Pride (85% Wool/15%Mohair) by Brown Sheep and 2 X balls of Gala Print (48% Silk, 24%Rayon, 17%Linen, 11% Polyamide) by Lana Grossa.
The Lambs Pride is for the curlicue cushions (and accessories) and the Gala Print for small beaded bags.
Stash Yarns Ltd 213 Upper Richmond Road, LONDON - Tel: 020 8246 6666

Tuesday 21 November 2006

Excaped Butterflies

I made these butterflies in the summer. I love butterflies and the summer seems to really start when you see them fluttering about. There’s something magical looking about them. I wrote the pattern out, tested it then deleted it from the computer by accident. Lost one butterfly in the garden (tiny garden no idea where it went)taking some photos and the photos looked bad too. Another disappeared when I was showing them to a friend at a coffee shop. The bag with lots of different colour samples I have put away so safely I can on longer find it (a bit to safe). One of the last butterflies (not in the bag) I lost last month at the Alexandra Palace Knitting and Stitch Show, it dropped out of my bag when I was buying some yarn (like I needed more yarn…). Now I have to remake them all again. Luckily I had photographed making each part of them for the pattern. I hope this batch do not escape.

Sunday 19 November 2006

Wash day for Curlicue Scarves

I love spirals of every kind. They are found everywhere in life, snail-shells, springs, corkscrews, double helix of the DNA, finger marks, whirlpools, whirlwinds spirls are everywhere.

I designed these spiral curlicue scarves when I was thinking about waves. I often look at different beaches and watch the waves online, I find it relaxing. Living in a city not much change of getting to see real live waves often. The crocheted curlicue scarves needed a bit of a freshing up today (they were in a plastic bag, on show and have been handed by many I wanted to wear one of them tomorrow as its starting to get on the cold, winter in coming now) so I put them in the washing machine and hung them on the line to dry. When I went to get them off the line they were blowing wildly about in the wind. They reminded me of waves in a bad storm.

Mom modelling new bag

I have been working on a few new patterns, this is a Tunisian crochet with bobbles bag modelled by my mom. She is in the late stages of early onset Alzheimer's and is in a nursing home (its hard to believe looking at the photo she is so young and there are many young people with this illness). We are luckily she does recognize my father, brother and me and many other family members, lots of suffers do not. Plus even thought she can no longer knit or crochet she still likes to look at and feel the different balls of yarn (don't all us knitter and crocheters). I often bring my knitting and crochet with me when I visit. It seems to make her calm and relaxed plus she often makes comments about the stitches and colours.

Saturday 11 November 2006

Welcome NezumiWorld BLOG Begins

Welcome to the NezumiWorld BLOG
Today is Saturday the 11th November 2006 and this is the first of hopefully many entry's