Friday 6 June 2014

Hexagons part 1

Here's a little "how to make" for the pieced hexagon patchwork, as I have had several requests

You need 2 sizes of hexagon, 1 for the paper pieces and 1 for the fabric pieces, this is the size used for the paper hexagon with a seam allowance of your choice all around usually about 1/4" / 6mm
I use normal printer paper for my hexagons, not the really cheap stuff just the normal weight paper. When I print stuff instead of recycling it in the recycle bin I cut hexagons from it. I also recycle leaflets and junk mail that keeps coming through my letterbox. I have used 2"/ 5cm sized hexagons (the paper hexagon size) but you can usethe size you prefer.

1. Place a fabric hexagon with the wrong size facing up and place a paper hexagon centred on top. You can pin the paper and fabric hexagon together if you prefer.

2. Fold over 1 edge, I usually run my fingernail along the seam (finger press). Tack the fabric to the paper by starting in the middle of the seam do a few small stitches or knot the thread to begin with (whichever method you prefer to do!)


3. Fold over the next seam and finger press, make a stitch or 2 in the corner through all the layers of fabric and paper. Make another stitch in the middle of the seam.

 4. Repeat until last fold. Fold the corner fabric to match the other sides, stitch to secure.

You need 7 hexagons to make a flower (my next hexagon how to make)

Thursday 5 June 2014

Free Swatch

From 12pm EST on Thursday, June 5th until 12pm EST on Friday, June 6th, you can get a free, custom-printed swatch of  Spoonflowers new Faux Suede fabric, along with free shipping. (One free swatch per household. This is an international offer) there's more information on their blog

You can get your own design printed (or photo, kids drawings)  or choose from the 1000's of designs available swatch is 8" X 8" (20cm X 20cm) 
I ordered mine and will make a small purse from it like these ones I blogged about a few years ago:)

My spoonflower shop is for the prints in the photo and lots more :)