Friday 10 June 2016

So Susan June 2016

This months "So Susan" subscription arrived it is the "I Love Hugs" Bag with a quote by Ann Hood "I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words."

All products are 100% Cruelty-Free (they do not test products or ingredients on animals) and contain no mineral oils, no phthalates, no parabens, gluten free, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free 

The Bag Contained (all full sized products) :

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I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words.
Read more at:
I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words.
Read more at:
Bag Contains : 

  • Eco-Chic Canvas Makeup Bag (worth $12 / £12) - Cute linen bag very colourful, although my print was not as good as other bags I have received and it has started to peel
  • Candied Apple by Trifle (worth $18.95 / £15.95) -  A duel product for a gentle tint for lips or cheeks formulated with water-resistant, high-lustre mica for a natural-looking blush. Easily to use and natural looking, does not really have a smell which is good.
  • Primal Instinct by So Susan (worth $23.95 / £20.95) - A lightweight gel goes on easily to "blur out large pores, facial imperfections and instantly helps to improve skintone and mattify unwanted shine" Comes in a small tube but you only use a few dots so should last for a while, very lightweight and I tested it on a hot day and it did stop me having a shiny nose.
  • Raspberry Ripple by Trifle (worth $17.95 / £14.95) - A trio of light-enhancing blush shades in a portable palette to be used for contouring, "Brush the left and middle shades (both with Radiance Glow ™ pigments) onto apples of your cheeks when you need color & illumination. Use the last shade on the right (with pure Resveratrol) to help give color, moisture & reduce hyperpigmentation." I used as eye shadows, really liked the colour combination they had strong pigments and blends well.
  • BONUS ITEM : Blush&Contour by Jelly Pong Pong (worth $17.95 / £13.95) - Another blush "Add additional warmth to your skin with a touch of Blush+Contour that comes in a soft blusher shade & a shadow enhancer. The apricot and blossom-pink colours are just one notch up from natural. For a flattering high cheek bone, softly dust the brown-toned enhancer shade just below your cheekbones." Again I used as eye shadows, very strong pigments and blends well, I liked these colours!
Bag Value : $90.80 / £77.80

A good bag, I was surprised it had 3 cheek products but really to me it was a lip tint and two shadows and you can never have to many eye shadows!!.

Bag Value : $83.80 / £70.85 (subscription is $20.95 free shipping monthly worldwide, they are a London/ UK based company)
I paid for a 3 month subscription as its works out a little cheaper, a 6 month subscription is also available.

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Fabric Flowers

Yesterday I was teaching a short taster class (2 hours) - Fabric Flowers in Harlesden Library as part of the Festival of Learning
Here's some pics of the students work, they all did really well!

Monday 6 June 2016

Libbie Club

Libbie Club Box
My new favourite cleanser
I cancelled one of my boxes last month (My Little Box) so I was looking for something to replace it with. I was also looking to buy a replacement cleanser as my favourite every morning cleanser (Liz Earle cleanse and polish) had began to cause my skin to dry out and felt like there were bumps under my skin, not nice. I found the cleanser which I am now using Bee Good Honey & Propolis 2 in 1 cream cleanser. I also liked how the site had reviealws from real people who tried out the products. I saw you could join so thought why not and I joined the Libbie Club last month, its not like a normal subscription box you pay a one-off fee to become a member (if you just want to buy products from them you do not need to be a member), I think it was £20 but it has since gone up to join them. They send out 3 full-sized products to test and review via their site, you are encouraged to share the reviews on social media, my instagram and twitter have shares. If you review the products, share and someone buys only one item (you can even be the person to buy the item, which I did my cleanser and got a free travel sized cleanser to) you get another box the next month to review you don't pay anything else. What I liked about them is they encourage you to give real reviews which I always do and they have a good range of items to buy (items I would buy anyway), their prices are good, they also have extras with the products like the cleanser & muslin cloth I purchased had a travel cleanser and muslin cloth as a free extra.
Last months products were "Chin-up" a firming &  contouring mask for the chin and neck area "H2O Tan Mist" a tanning spray and "Girl meets Brush" make up brushes (I have reviewed them on their website).
Peel off polish
 This months box for June was excellent, Little Ondine nail polish a water based polish with no smell, very easy to paint on lasts about the same as normal nail polish, when you get bored just peel it off! I was a little sceptical about this product but it worked! and had its so strange a polish with no smell, I loved the peeling off and my nails were not dried out, now I need to buy more......
Tarte cosmetics mascara
Tarte Cosmetics - Lights,camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara designed to make even the shortest lashes look lengthened. 4-in-1  meaning = lengthening, curling, volumizing,and conditioning. Tarte Costmetics products are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan,synthetic fragrances and gluten. They are also cruelty free and vegan friendly. Again another brand and product I liked :)
Ginvera marvel gel
The last product was Ginvera's Marvel White Gel a gentle exfoliater that contains no damaging grains or strong chemicals and will banish even the most stubborn whiteheads, blackheads, dead skin and blemishes without aggravating sensitive skin. Enriched with green tea extract as an anti-oxidant, tackles free radicals and simulates the skin's metabolism making it brighter. Japanese shiso extract provides anti-inflammatory benefits, soothing redness & itchiness. Also helps lighten dark spots, pimple marks and scars. I must say this made my skin feel super clean and smooth and healthy looking, again I really liked it. I used it instead of my normal face scrub (which I only use a couple of times a week).
I have longer reviews on Libbie Clubs websites.

Thursday 2 June 2016

Summer Coaster Trio

Filet Crochet Coaster "Gwein"

This is the first of a trio of coasters, or squares they could be used for something else.
The first coaster is called "Gwein"
The chart below could be also worked for other crafts - cross stitch, knitting, beading. 


Note: Where the pattern states Treble crochet UK/ Double crochetUSA if you follow UK crochet instuctions do a treble, if you follow USA instructions do a double crochet DO NOT do both!

Starting at bottom of chart/ graph chain 82 and another 3 chains to turn (this will count as the first treble crochet UK/ double crochet USA) of first  the row. 
Treble crochet UK/ Double crochet USA into the 5th chain from hook. Double crochet in next 2 chains to complete bottom right solid square of row 1.
Continue following pattern for first row reading chart/ graph right to left. After completing first row, chain 3 to turn to start next row.
Continue following chart/graph until all rows are complete. At end of row 27 fasten off.


(Crochet cotton size 10) About 76 metres/ 83 yds, hook size 1.5mm/ US size 7 steel crochet hook or SIZE FOR GAUGE.


Using Crochet cotton size 10: width = 40.1 cm/ 6.2 inches, height = 43.5 cm/ 6.8 inches
Using Crochet cotton size 10: 10 squares = 14.8 cm/ 2.3 inches, 10 rows = 16.1 cm/ 2.5 inches


Each solid square is equal to 4 Treble crochets UK/ 4 Double crochets USA. Each open square is equal to 1 Treble crochet UK/ 1 Double crochet USA, followed by 2 chains, followed by 1 Treble crochet UK/ 1 Double crochet USA. The Treble crochet UK/ Double crochet USA at the end of each square also counts as the first Treble crochet UK/ Double crochet USA of the next square. For example, a solid square followed by an open square is 4 double crochets,
2 chains, 1 Treble crochet UK/ 1 Double crochet USA.

 For those that prefer to follow a symbol chart I have included one for you

If you do make the coaster, don't forget to link via ravelry, or let me know how you got on :)