Thursday 30 August 2007

Hehehe I am a meez

I was playing on making an animated "me" knitting, they don't have a crochet option. It's very strange how you can spend time on the computer dressing an animated person and find you forgot you only turned the computer on to read your emails and do some paperwork (I still need to do the paperwork!).
If you go to meez to make a animated "you" please put in "nezumiworld" as recommending you and you and I will get credits (not real money, play money to use for buying knitting needles for your animated friend) go to save it and create an account before playing with your person or you will lose all your work as you need to open a free account first (mmm... )

Tuesday 28 August 2007

Roasted Veg Panini

This weekend was a bank holiday here in the UK. We had nice warm weather, great for all the Nottinghill Carnival goers, The carnival runs along the bottom of my street and I can sometimes hear the music, plus usually my neighbours all have parties and barbecues with lots of music too. I always hope that the weather will be good for the children's day (always a Sunday) They put so much work into their customs and are super happy, dancing and smiling. The helicopters fly around all day and most of the night keeping a eye out for any trouble makers (there's always someone who wants to spoil the fun for everyone else).

This is my dad relaxing in the garden listening to the music eating pan fried veg panini with salad with the "your putting this on your blog look!"
Pan fried vegetables on panini rolls

1 yellow pepper cut into slices (you can use any combination of colour peppers ie. green & red)

1 orange pepper cut into slices

1 Medium red onion cut into slices (white & yellow onions can also be used)

Large handful cherry tomatoes (you can use any tomatoes you want just cut small)
1 4oz round mozzarella cheese drained and torn into pieces
Oregano or basil leaves torn up (small)
A garlic clove (you can leave this out if you don't like garlic)
3 -4 panini bread rolls cut into 2
2 teaspoons olive oil
seasoning (of choice)

Put the oil & garlic in a large frying pan and heat.
Add the peppers, onions and tomatoes cook for approx. 5 minutes. On your grill tray place the panini roll halves Divide the mixture over rolls. Sprinkle the oregano on top of the mixture. Next divide the mozzarella cheese and add on top of the mixture. Add any seasoning if required. Grill until the cheese bubble and is browned. Serve with a leafy salad. and enjoy.

You can add other vegetables if you wish ie. courgette, aubergine, spinach

Monday 20 August 2007

Joining Granny Squares

I made this little video (its about 20 seconds long and has no sound) about two years ago and just located the file on my computer. So many people ask me how to join granny squares, this is an extra quick method using double crochet(UK)/ single crochet(USA).
Place two squares together with right sides or wrong sides facing depending on if you want the ridge on the inside or outside of your finished item.
If you want the ridge on the outside (place wrong sides/ back of squares together) or for the ridge on the inside (place right sides/ front of squares together). You can use the same colours as your granny squares or a contrast colour and go through both squares and make a double crochet(UK)/ single crochet(USA) into each stitch when you get to a space or corner make 2 double crochets(UK)/ single crochets(USA).
Join the squares into lengths first, than join the lengths together.

For granny square instructions with UK crochet terms goto
For granny square instructions with USA crochet terms goto
For granny square with a diagram using crochet symbols plus instruction on how to make granny square wire earrings goto

Saturday 11 August 2007


Why did cats like yarn?

Were they knitters/ crocheters in a past life?

Today I sat outside in the shade to do a little crochet, as it was nice and warm, but all the the time I was been spied on by my neighbours cute cat. He often looks down and watches as if he is supervising the stitches. Sometimes even jumping quietly down from the roof next to me to get a closer look.