Tuesday 22 December 2009

Resin button

Today I made a little silicone mould of a glass bead using a 2 part mix (Gedeo Siligum-Silicone Moulding Paste), I have used liquid latex to make moulds before but this method was so easy. Just mix equal parts of the white and blue mixture together press around the shape you want place on a level surface and 10 minutes later you have a usable mould for plaster, polymer clay, silver clay or resin.

I used the mould with a uv resin (Lisa Pavelka Magic-Glos) I am making some buttons for a bracelet, I will post more of them soon, here's a finished one I am just experimenting to see which ones I like.

Monday 21 December 2009

Winters here

Today the heavy snow arrived and London transport ground to a halt.
It was so cold and slippy, but for a short time (before the snow turned to slush) everything looked clean an bright.