Sunday 28 September 2008

Crocheted Tape/ Bruge Lace Scarf

I received my copy of crochet-a-day 2009 calendar this week, it has my tape lace (also called Bruge Lace) Scarf pattern in it (31st August)

Bruge lace is from Belgian, the town Bruges, it is made with bobbins and thread. I used to make bobbin laces (there are lots of different types) and only remembered yesterday I still had a bruge lace project on my lace pillow (the pillow is the base you make your lace on) I have not touched for about 10 years :( (the photo below)

Needle workers copied the Bruge style laces and this is called tape lace. Crocheters also copied Bruge and tape style laces and it is called crocheted tape or crocheted bruge lace.

(I normally make my own patterns but I loved this designers work, I can not remember the book this little mouse came from or where I have put the book? so I can not tell you the designers name. I really must finish this soon!!)

Tuesday 9 September 2008

Iknit Day featuring the Yarn Harlot

Saturday was the long awaited IKnit Day at the Royal Horticultural Halls & Conference Centre, Victoria, London. We arrived to a long queue of people all excited to get inside to buy, play and look at yarn.

We only waited a few minutes and entered to find stalls of yarn no paper crafts here (or scarf pins, shoes, handbags......I hate going to yarn/ stitch shows that turn out to have a few vendors selling yarn and lots of non yarn related stuff.........) there was lots of interesting things to see as well as buy.

We rested in between shopping and watched the "a Stitch in Time" fashion show, garments were from Jane Waller's A Stitch in Time: Vintage Knitting Patterns book

There were several fashion shows (
Maggiknits, Erika knight) , workshops (I don't manage to get to any) poetry, book signings and comedy plus Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka the Yarn Harlot (It was an extra £5.00 on the ticket price to see the Yarn Harlot but well worth it)

It was interesting to hear Stephanie Pearl-McPhee speak, in future when I read her blog I will hear her voice in my head. She spoke as she writes, very natural and funny. The time went very quickly. After she signed copies of her books, guess who don't remember to bring any books to get signed.......:(
I had coffee with friends and we compared buys than off home to play with my new yummy yarns.

Wednesday 3 September 2008

International Jewellery London 2008

This week I attended the International Jewellery London 2008 at Earl Court 2.
I like this event its a time to stock up, make contacts and see the trends for the future year.
White metal dominated Silver for the lower market and for the higher quality market white gold and platinum.
Fancy cut Diamonds and mini super sparkly diamonds chips in black, yellow and champagne where everywhere. This will be interesting to see how the high street takes this trend, maybe mini crystals?
There was lots colour and a wide range of different gems, last years murano glass trend seems to have evolved into the use of real gemstones.
Freshwater pearls in every shape where available plus the prices seemed cheaper and the quality seemed higher than previous years (which is good for me and my new range of sterling silver, gem & pearl stitch markers)
The charm bracelet was still popular with many more individual component style companies .
I noticed many beaded necklaces were stung using silver coloured silk threads to give a look of metal without the weight and making the necklaces very fluid. In contrast I also saw some beautiful french wire wrapped pieces with very delicate wire, beads and crystals in organic shapes that can be shaped to the neck with stunning effect.