Saturday 18 July 2009

Crocheted Star Flowers

This crocheted flower has a similar construction as the knitted flower (the flower in the pic above on the right) I posted last month

Yarn DK or worsted weight
I used:
Patons Linen DK (2 colours required - Colour a for petals Colour b for centre use colour combinations you like, experiment) You can experiment with with different DK or worsted weight yarns
Hook size 3.75mm (UK)/ 5/F (USA)
I used a slightly smaller hook than recommended for this yarn (which was a 4mm) to make a firmer flower

st – Stitch
sts – Stitches
dc (UK)/ sc (USA) – Double Crochet (UK)/ Single Crochet (USA)
ch – Chain
sl st - Slip Stitch
dec - Decrease

Petals (make 5 alike)
Using colour a
Ch 2
Row 1: 2 dc (UK)/2 sc (USA) into the 1st ch, 1 ch (2sts)
Row 2: 2 dc (UK)/2 sc (USA) into each dc(UK)/ sc(USA), 1 ch (4sts)
Row 3: 1 dc (UK)/1 sc (USA) into each dc
(UK)/ sc(USA), 1 ch
Rows 4, 5 & 6: As row 3
Fasten off

Make 4 more petals (don't break yarn or fasten off on 5th petal)

Row 7:Starting with the 5th petal -
1 dc (UK)/1 sc (USA) into each dc (UK)/ sc (USA),
1 dc (UK)/1 sc (USA) into each dc (UK)/ sc (USA) on the 4th petal repeat 1 dc (UK)/1 sc (USA) into each dc (UK)/ sc (USA) for the 3rd, 2nd and 1st petals, 1ch (20sts)

Row 8:
1 dc (UK)/1 sc (USA) into each dc (UK)/ sc (USA), 1ch (20sts)

Row 9: (Change to yarn b)
*Dec 1 dc (UK)/ dec 1 sc (USA) over next 2 dc (UK)/ 2 sc (USA)** repeat from * to ** to end (10 sts)

Row 10: 1 dc (UK)/1 sc (USA) into each dc (UK)/ sc (USA)
Row 11:
*Dec 1 dc (UK)/ dec 1 sc (USA) over next 2 dc (UK)/ 2 sc (USA)** repeat from * to ** to end (5 sts), fasten off cutting yarn leaving a long length to use for sewing up.
Sew up sides.and weave in all ends.


  1. that's so lovely looks very effective.Thanks for the pattern

  2. Interesting! I never knew how to knit that's why I'm so glad to see this post. I will try to make something like that this week end. Thanks for the instruction!


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  4. amazing flowers. floral art is nearest to creativity among all other arts. I saw an online flower shop in Japan
    and when I gave them the idea of these flowers they appreciated a lot. I quite wonder how they will assort these flowers with their bouquets and other flowers arrangements.

  5. Pretty flowers!
    that's so lovely looks very effective.T

  6. I really love the patterns of the flowers. I'd love to make a headband for my niece and put a crocheted flower for my niece, it's gonna be lovely. Thanks:)

    Cindy@ silk bouquets arrangements

  7. Wow! Your pattern is n UK and US...I have only just found that there is a difference ...After having struggled thru 2 Us patterns and changing the whole thing and undoing 4 times...Infuriating.
    KeepmUp the Gr8 work.

  8. Wow, this a great project for beginner like me, it seems the pattern is simple that i can actually follow it. Thanks :)

  9. What a great list! Thanks so much for including Simple Bites.

  10. i'm confused here i'm sorry it seems very simple but what i am confused about is the whole uk/us could u please explain to me

  11. Hi byronsangel

    The UK and USA use the same crochet stitches but they give them different names, a single crochet in the USA is made the same way as a double crochet in the UK, this link shows the many names of that one same stitch
    It is confusing because the names of the stitches are similar so you must only follow the instructions in a duel pattern for the system you use, or if you are using a pattern online or in a book make sure you check it uses UK or USA terms. Here's a link for a conversion chart that might help, you will notice that the crochet symbols remain the same

    Nez :)

  12. it is lovely and simple pattern.Thanks for the share,I'll make it soon