Wednesday 22 August 2012

Strawberry Plants

Last year we planted tomatoes and strawberry plants the tomatoes grew well and produced lots of mini cherry tomatoes that were very sweet and tasty, but the strawberry plants just looked small and sad and never produced any fruit. This year no tomatoes but last years strawberries are growing, not a giant crop yet but more flowers and little strawberries are appearing every day :)

Wednesday 8 August 2012


Living in London you can't help but notice the Olympics are here. The day of the opening ceremony I was in the garden and the red arrows flew over on their way to Stratford with coloured smoke so this got me in to the Olympic spirit.
I could not afford any tickets for the events but we went to watch the free outdoor screens in Hyde Park. It was airport security to get in, no food, water, suncream over 200mls, NO Crochet hook! there was a very long list of items that could not be brought in, plus a really good bag search and screening for metals.
Worse food I have ever eaten
The queues were large but well organised. We brought some mats and cushions to sit on and watched the athletics, there are 4 screens to choose from and all had 100's of people watching and cheering it was a very good atmosphere. The only down to it all was the prices of the food and drinks, a small diet coke cost me £2.50 but the weather was very hot and drink very cold and I needed it to take the taste of the worse food I have ever had but that's another story even thinking of the taste of that food makes me feel ill.

On the way out of the park we saw this very cute little grey squirrel he came over to say hello (or check us out for food)