Saturday 22 September 2007

Can ring pulls/ Soda can tabs

I have been collecting (and lots of friends, thank you keep collecting I still need more) fizzy drink can pulls (soda can tabs) since last year. Just about the same time most people I know decided to go on a health kick and not drink anymore fizzy drinks and I must confess to not drinking that many fizzy drinks myself :o

I used to make stuff with the can pulls/ tabs in the 80's when I was a fashion student, bags and jewellery mainly. I found some of my designs and notes last year from that era and as I have been in a recycle mode (with the carrier bags) decided to redesign and have a play remaking things. I have made a belt, bracelets, a few bags some coasters most are WIP's

This is one of the bracelets made with crocheted ribbon and the ring pulls/can tabs, I'll post more as I progress and hope to add a new section on the website in the next few months.

Friday 21 September 2007


Yesterday I got my invite to join Ravelry and I'm now a member (I've been waiting on the list since July) The site is huge and the membership is growing everyday. If you're there come and look me up on I have only one friend (very good friend) there so far :( come join me
If you're not signed up yet, join it's excellent Ravelry

Monday 17 September 2007

Heath and safety gone mad

A hospital has had to remove a box of wool and knitting needles which visitors and patients used to knit squares for charities while waiting for treatment, helping them pass the time and I would add helping their stress levels.. It was a popular pass time for three years without injuries or complaints until now :(

Full article:

Tuesday 4 September 2007

International Jewellery London 2007

Yesterday I was at a trade only jewellery show - International Jewellery London 2007 This is the part of working I like, remembered to wear my softer shoes too this year, but my feet are still hurting today. It has exhibitors from all over the globe, this year there was a whole section of Jewellery makers and suppliers from Hong Kong. The show had large companies to small independent sellers. All the latest trends and developments can be seen here. From cheap and cheerful to super priced diamond pieces (I just looked at them eyes wide) The show has the jewellery that will be selling in shops in the coming months. The popular, must have items that were been offered by a number of different suppliers were enamelled silver charms, to buy fully made or in component pieces to create individual bracelets and necklaces. The charm bracelet is evolving. There were lots and lots of large murano glass pieces, I noticed many had beaded bails and were on small glass beaded necklaces. Leather, organza ribbon, satin with silver clasps to hang pendants on instead of just a chain. The murano glass was also mixed with silver beads again complimenting the charm bracelet look. Smaller crystals were made into flower and butterfly shaped brooches and pendents. Lots of sterling silver covered with gold plate, last year silver metals were dominant, this year sees gold tones making a comeback (but I think silver will remain popular for some time yet). Jewellers/ makers are experimenting introducing new materials into jewellery. Several sellers had Vegetable ivory pieces, made from a nut sliced and dyed. Worse thing I saw was colourful very cute furry flower brooches when I asked what they were made of --------to my horror ........they said....... chinchilla (aka. large furry nezumi's)

Sunday 2 September 2007


EEEEEkkkkkk I finished making all the pieces for the Amineko (neko means cat in Japanese) the arms, legs and tail are pinned in place and just need sewing. I usually design & make my own patterns but, I bought the book a couple of years ago (its excellent) and the cat was soo cute. I have been planning on making him ever since. I was looking at sites online last week and found the pattern in English (the book is in Japanese, but is very easy to follow). I thought I must make him now and was going to a crochet meet-up last Thursday so started him then. The pattern in English is available at copyrighted and designed by Nekoyama
I gave him a crochet hook, I think it suits him. He looks sort of sad but also sort of peaceful.