Wednesday 2 June 2010

Knitted Red Rose Brooch

I was thinking about this years up and coming "knit in public day" (12th June) and decided I wanted to make some flowers again, that's if I get to do any knitting on the day this year, I am attending a digital digitising and pattern cutting course on Saturdays (its a 10 week course and I am half way through it) using lectra software I will post about that soon, its really interesting maybe I will knit in the canteen at lunch time :)
In case I can get to do some knitting, I have been playing making some knitted roses, a bit like the crocheted rose pattern I posted early last year (eek the months are speeding by way to fast) so I can mix and match them on a bag I am making.

I have included the pattern for this red rose

Knitted Red Rose Brooch (or any colour rose brooch you prefer)
DK yarn/ Light worsted weight
(pattern will work with most yarns and weights just adjust the needle size)
4mm/ 8 (uk)/ 6 (USA) Knitting needles
Brooch Back (optional you can just sew onto a sweater, cardigan, bag etc if you prefer)
k - Knit
yo - yarn over the needle
k2tog - Knit 2 stitches together

I put some lace holes in my rose for interest but it can be knitted without them just adjust rows 2 and 8 to k60

Row1 : k60
Row2 : k2, [yo, k2tog, k4] 9 times, yo, k2tog, k2
Row3: k60
Row4: k60
Row5: k60
Row6: k60
Row7: k60
Row8: k5, [yo, k2tog, k4] 8 times, yo, k2tog, k5
Row9: k60
Row10: k2tog 30 times
Row11: k30
Row12: k2tog 15 times
Row13: k15
Row14: k2tog 7 times, p1
Row15: k8
Row16: k2tog 4 times
Row17: k4
Cast off
leaving a long length to use use for sewing
Twist into a rose shape and sew to secure. If making a brooch add back now.


  1. linked to my blog.
    I "borrowed" the photo: If you object, I will remove it.

  2. I love roses. I knitted and crocheted a lot!
    Yours are very nice!

  3. Thank you! for the lovely pattern. I've made several of the roses all different colors and stitched down the rose petal to make it look a little bit detail. I love it!
    Really easy and quick to make and I down sizes to make it smaller,also.

  4. It is so lovely flower.Thanks for sharing.

    seo europe

  5. Knitting is one of my hobbies but I've never made roses like these. I'll try this as soon as I find time for knitting.

  6. This is so cute and lovely! I'll follow the instructions and share this to my friends because we really love knitting.

  7. I have just made one of these flowers to stitch to a headband for a friend. Perfect - thank you for the pattern.

  8. Always wanted to knit a flower. I bought one from Artisans made by Anytime Accessory. A beautiful yellow knitted brooch. I will try this pattern. Thanks for sharing.