Monday 26 January 2015

January Speeds By

It feels like the month has only just started not coming to an end. I have been busy transferring and updating patterns because as of the 1st of January the EU VAT laws on digital services, that includes digital downloads (this also includes music, apps, ebooks) yes knitting and crochet patterns. Here's the link for the UK government page for more information. Basically I can register in all the EU countries that might sell one of my patterns in and file quarterly paperwork (even if I don't sell anything) or as many have no longer have my pattern for sale (big companies who are VAT registered do not have to do this). But a third option was found in December when came forward (together with and they will handle the payments and paperwork for designers who go through them. This means all my EU (except the UK as I live here) pattern sales will now go through links will still be on ravelry as normal. Loveknitting also sell books, needles, hooks and yarn. other transfers have been to a new fabric shop on Woven Monkey similar to Spoonflower who I still love. Woven Monkey are UK based
this is a little info from their site "Woven Monkey was set up to give individuals the opportunity to have their own designs printed onto fabric. All our printing takes place right here in the UK, at our premises in Derbyshire. The textile industry has a rich heritage in the area, dating back almost 300 years. We’re passionate about reviving the industry through new ideas and technology"
They use the latest in digital fabric printing methods and very important for me was they use eco-friendly pigment inks on natural fibres. Been UK based it also means UK and EU customers who want to buy fabric will not have to worry about additional customs charges and lower shipping costs (they post free if in the UK)