Friday 31 May 2013


This week have a "Frog" fabric contest - there are lots of entries this time and so many extra cute frogs. This is my entry called "Leaf Surfing" lots of little red eyed and footed tree frogs :)

Saturday 18 May 2013

A free things for the weekend

A quick post this time as thanks to BT I have no phoneline working and no Internet :( so sorry to anyone who has been emailing or phoning me. Emails I am slowly replying to as I get online in various places out 'n' about.
A few things for the weekend Craftsy are giving a free class to new people who sign up with them there are lots to choose from
Don't forget the Eurovision song contest is on tonight (who watches for the singing its so funny) and tomorrow is World Baking Day to encourage everyone to bake something you have never tried before, what will you be making?

Monday 6 May 2013

Its May and Spring maybe?

Maybe I am speaking to soon but the bitter cold weather seems to have gone. The sun is appearing a little more each day and staying longer so brighter evenings.
Which has got me thinking of all the new colourful flowers now blooming and the insects buzzing about them.

So inspired I have added a new e-booklet to my ravelry and newly re-opened etsy shops. It is called the "The Garden Collection 2” and contains 2 charts “Swirly Snails” and “Fluttering Moths” both charts match the previous garden collection designs.

And while I am in the create making mood I have been cleaning my sewing machine (my poor machine really needs servicing another spring cleaning job to be sorted very soon) ready for my fabrics from which have just arrived. I have been planning to make a shopper bag for a while but could not decide which designs to pick. So I choose 2 (well you can never have enough bags). I plan to make a lightweight cotton shopper using the "Circle in a Square - small red/ oranges"
" pattern with a peach fabric to line it and a heavier weight bag in cotton/ linen with the "50's Lace" design and a hot pink lining. I will add the finished bags as I make them :)